I Hate Them, Demn It $%$#^*^$&(

yet i was visiting my former schoolmate's blog
and i left some comment
demn he just delete my comment
feel like want to kick some ass

btw I don't really damnly care if he doesn't like me
i was just trying to continue our relationship as friend
demn it ( just count how many time i said it)

looks like it's hard for people to acknowledge me
maybe because i was quite anti-social at my secondary school
yet from today i will overhaul my blog
and will not post more anime or anything
will start writing my truly blog

one more thing i will delete all anime and download post
so anyone interested in downloading just download it know
or you will regret demnfully

p/s : i spell demn wrongly because it sounds very bad to say da*n


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