Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Recently I watched the movie "Scott Pilgrim vs The World". For me it's a decent movie about retro games, love and life. The main character Scott Pilgrim is a 22 years-old guy in a relationship with a 17 years-old Knives Chau, a high schooler, lives in a house with his gay roommate, Wallace. He has a band called, Sex Bob-Omb with Stephen Stills, the lead singer and  Kim Pine, the drummer of Sex Bob-Omb and one of Scott's ex-girlfriends. The plot start to thicken a little bit when Ramona Flowers appear into Scott's life.

The movie as a whole is loosely based on the 6 volume comic series, Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley. I've never read the comics but from the people who already read it, I got to know the story is very funny and entertaining.(I already preorder the boxset). However the movie remove a few part of story from the comics, one of them is how Scott and Kim became a couple. Adult Swim already made a short animation on this part of the story and here is the video.

If I'm not mistaken this movie would not be aired on the cinema in Malaysia and Singapore, so to watch this movie you can import the DVD or the Blu-Ray or just torrent it.


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